Wednesday, November 10, 2010


 This week Grayson and I took a road trip to nebraska with Camber to finally go visit Josh, Kari, and Avery!!! I was a little nervous about doing this road trip without Matt (he's in Ecuador with Compassion) but Grayson did GREAT! The trip went by pretty fast too! leaving at 4:30 am helps ;)


We made it!!! I was so excited to see Avery!
 Kari and her nephew Gabe!
 Find all 7 kids!!! Yes 7 kiddos!! Kari's sister, Krista, also lives in omaha... so our nights are bsy when everyone is over for dinner! Rylie, Addy, Gabe, Avery, Wyatt, Marie, and Grayson!
 GRAYSON AND AVERY!!!! So excited to see each other again!!!
What a cute couple! hehehe

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