Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Omaha Zoo

Today we went to the Omaha Zoo! i heard it was pretty amazing...IT WAS!!
 Our first exhibit - the jungle!
 Cool "Indiana Jones" bridge you could cross! Hi Camber, Wyatt , and Addy!

 Me, Camber, and Krista with the kiddos!
 YEAH! BFFs!!!
 The sisters with the kiddos :) I love how Grayson and I are always just part of the family!
 Grayson, Wyatt, and Addy - looking into an exhibit
 Kids and Saving Sisters!
 Sweet Marie!!! She's walking everywhere!!
 My little butterfly!!!!
 In the butterfly dome - looking at a buttefly!

 All the kids - minus Rylie - she's in school!
 Sisters and the cousins (minus Rylie) LOOK at Aiden in kari's belly!!! he's getting bigger!!!

 Gorgeous fall leaves!!!
 Look at the Tiger mommy!!!
ONE tired little boy!!!!! He had a blast at the zoo!!!!

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