Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Grayson 11 month pictures!!!

I'm 11 months old!!!!
Look at that smile!! I told him to say cheese and he gave me this huge smile!!!
On July 15th marked Grayson is 11 months old! I haven't had chance to post pics so I'm a little behind but I thought but late than never!
Happy Boy!!!
I have to admit that I didn't realize that I would be sooo emotional about Grayson turning one!!!! I guess it's just gone by so fast and we can't hit rewind to really soak up the baby moments!! So the last few weeks I'm going over every memory and moment with him so I dont forget!!
I think that's it... everyone says OH you forget about teething and nursing and all the little things and I dont ever want to forget!!

Grayson trying on Mommy's sunglasses!

Charlie and Grayson! - look how long he's gotten!!!

Papi and Grayson playing and looking out the window!

Grayson in his cute pants!! I love this little outfit!

My good little eater (takes after his daddy!)

Hello!!! Grayson is waving Hi now!! its so cute walking throught the store and see him wave HI to people!! He can make anyone smile!!!

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