Friday, August 15, 2008

More pics of Grayson!!!!!


Amanda said...

I said earlier he had your nose, Kristen, but now that I look at these pics, he totally has Matt's nose. I see a lot of both of you in him. You'll have to put him next to both of your baby pics and see who he's a replica's kinda scary! We're so happy for you. Glad the labor was fast! LUCKY!! :) Keep healthy and we'll see you real soon!

Anonymous said...

Man, one day old and he's already sticking his tongue out at us!

Paw Paw

Brandy said...

Selah will be relieved. Earlier, she saw the picture of him in the bassinet with the blanket and she looked at me with big sad eyes and said "Does he have a mouth?" ( :

She will be glad to know that yes indeed, he has a mouth.

Love you-

Jennifer said...

He is absolutely adorable! Congrats! I love that he is sticking his tongue out that is so cute.

Nikki said...

He is soooo adorable!!!! He looks just like both of you. The pic with his eyes open looks just like Matt when he first wakes up in the morning... lol! What a sweet little boy!! I'm sooooo excited! I wish I could come this weekend, but I will come VERY soon!! Love you all!!