Sunday, August 24, 2008

Avalon in Concert!!!

Family of Christ Church (my parents and josh & kari's church) had Avalon in concert last night! Yes we took our 8 day old infant to the concert but we sat in the back and covered his little ears with a blanket and he slept right through it!! :) The concert was amazing!!! Grayson got a pic with Avalon by himself!!! :)

The gang with Avalon! Matt, Grayson, Pastor Dyer, Avalon guy 1, Avalon girl 1, Marc, Avalon girl 2, Avalon guy 2, Kari and Me :)
Grayson with Avalon!!! I'm pretty sure he was the youngest one at the concert :)

This is a video of Avalon doing the chorus of the song Adonai... I love this song! They sounded amazing all night! My favorite part of the concert was when they sang the ending part of the song "Total Praise" that we used to sing with BRH and BRH sang at our wedding! I didn't have a chance to get that on video...dang it :) It was a great night but made us VERY SLEEPY staying out that late... thankfully our little boy had a great night and gave us chucks of 3 hours to sleep.

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