Tuesday, August 12, 2008


So we are getting closer to the arrival of our little man!!! This monday I went to the doctor and had higher blood pressure than normal and showed a few signs of pre-eclampsia sooo they observed me in the hospital and started talking about INDUCING! Yes! I freaked out a little but then said OK LORD get me through this! Well my blood pressure went down when I started breathing and praying and then sent us home with orders to come back today and test my levels again. Today My blood pressure was great and my swelling in my feet went down a bit, but some of my blood levels are still a little elevated...SOOOO I'm going back on Friday to see how they are and see if INDUCING is still an option or if I'm good to let nature take its course! 

So I'm officially 37 weeks this week so if Grayson was to come early the doctor feels confident he will e a healthy boy! I'm kinda hoping he comes sooner than later and completely eliminates the possibility of having a 10lb baby (like Matt was!)

Also on Monday I have progressed quite a bit more so it seems that Grayson is seriously thinking about making his arrival sooner than later :) So Monday after my freak out I cleaned like crazy! Packed our bags for the hospital...cuz I hadn't done that yet and NOW I FEEL READY!!!! 

Please pray for a healthy delivery (however it may come about) and a healthy BABY! :) 

MawMaw and PawPaw - keep your cell phones on your person at all times :) 

Keep you posted as we continue through the weekend! 

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DeGroot Duo said...

SOOOOO EXCITING! mom told me matt called her yesterday with the news of dialation and all. wish I could be there for it so keep me updated. you're gonna be a momma!!!!!!