Monday, August 18, 2008

Our little Glow Worm!

Grayson is a little glow worm now! His jaundice count was a little high so they delivered a bilirueben bed and blanket light for him to be under at all times to help with the jaundice. He has done soo good having to be in the bassinet all the time. Last night was really good with him! He eat great and slept great giving Matt and I good blocks of 3 hours of sleep at a time!!! We feel more rested today! He's just soo cute! Even at 3 in the morning!!! Here's a picture of his little body! See those little legs with no meat on them :) I just love them!!!
Here's a picture of his sweet foot and his CRAZY long toes!!! He definitly has the "Robinson Big Toe" that me, katelin, and kyle got from Papi!!! So cute!!!
Ohh Look at that face!!! I just love him soo much!!! So precious!!!

Another body shot :)

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Anonymous said...

Matt and Kristen,

We are so proud of you and Grayson. We are so blessed to have Grayson in our family now, and to know he has two wonderful loving parents to raise him. We are praying for you every day, and can't wait to come back soon to see him growing big and strong.

We love you and miss you,

Maw Maw and Paw Paw