Thursday, August 7, 2008

Our second Winery! (and the last...with all the tasting you only need 2)

Kari's wine bottle she brought back in the nifty wine skin bag to keep it protected!
Look at these cool flip-flops that Kari found... I know when she gets older she's gonna have them in every color and be a cool mom :) hahaha
At this point I was exhausted, maybe a little over-done :) and just sat outside and took pics of the gorgeous scenery at the winery.

This is the patio where I chilled while I waited for the winos :)

Kari thought this would be a great pole to lean against for a bridal portrait! She decided to pose for the camera as a bride!!!
Lots of WINE!!!

Close up of Kari's flip-flops she found!

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