Monday, August 18, 2008

Cuddling with MawMaw!

Ohh just look at him!!! How can you not just fall in love???
MawMaw and Grayson!
Here's a picture of the cutest foot you will ever see! I love his little feet!

Today we had to go back to the doctor today to see how Grayson's jaundice count is today after staying under the lights all day and night yesterday. We are still waiting to hear if the count has either stayed the same or gone down... we are praying that it went down!

Before he goes back on the lights today, we called Aunt Andrea and kaleb with the video phone and got to see each other in real time! Then Grayson has been hanging out with his Mawmaw! Just sleeping away!


DeGroot Duo said...

HE IS SO STINKIN' CUTE! My goodness what a good looking baby. So glad you are both healthy and happy...and home! And what a woman - no drugs! =) I know it wasn't by choice but that is awesome. I can't wait to meet him; hopefully it'll be before Christmas, but I doubt it. I will definitely be checking the blog even more. Love and miss you guys!

Trina said...

Hi!!! You are an awesome blogger! Isn't blogging so much more fun when you can post pics of your beautiful baby? He is so adorable!! Remember, call me anytime for anything!! I am here for you!! Love all three of you!