Monday, August 16, 2010


Two years ago yesterday God blessed us with this precious little boy!!! I had NO CLUE how much love I had to give until I had him!!! Matt and I daily are in AWE of this little boy! Grayson has become such a fun little person... with a great since of humor, infectious smile, and mid of his own!!! I can only imagine what this next year will bring!!!

Here are some of our very favorite pics of our "baby"!! Grayson Alan!!!
One of his first pics in the hospital!
Daddy's ready to take him home!!! Look how little he is in his carseat!!!
Sweet boy!! My favorite features... his mouth and his hands!!!
Little sleeper!
First time in his crib!!
Look how little he was!! So fragile!!
Here come the smiles!!!
Hello Big Blue!!!
I love this boy!!!
OHH I loved these days... what a cute little pumpkin head!! Grayson is so lovable!!!
Clap your hands!!!
Grayson LOVES his Daddy and his DADDY LOVES HIS BOY!!!
Bubbles!! One of Grayson's first words!!!
Skip to NOW - 2 years old!!!
Thank you Lord for giving us such a blessing!! I never knew how much I would love my little man!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRAYSON!!!!

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