Monday, August 16, 2010

A Glimmering Hope...

Matt is LOVING his job at Compassion International and he is so passionate about helping children in poverty! Matt is back in school and for his Literature class he was given the assignment to write a poem.

I love my husband's heart and his character! In November he will get the chance to travel to Ecuador with Compassion and love on some kids!

We encourage everyone to sponsor a Compassion Child! Not only will it change the life of a child in poverty it will change YOUR life as well!

Below is his poem...

A Glimmering Hope

A young boy living in a certain class

Sleeps on the floor wondering if his next breath will be his last,

A small girl born into a specific pool

Wishes and hopes she has the chance to go to school.

Where hope and light diminishes to a slight glow

And darkness and despair grows and festers in the soul

Injustice grows and corruption flourishes

But like the dawn breaking forth

A sponsor steps forward to show a child their worth

A meal, an education, a simple prayer

For a child goes beyond comprehension and beyond all compare

But there are so many you say

How could I, one person, one family dare say I can make a change

In the words of Dr. King

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”

So will you let injustice prevail?

Or loose the chains and have injustice fail

- Matt Butler

1 comment:

Craig and Linda Robinson said...

That is an incredible poem...he needs to show that to the folks at Compassion....

Didn't know he had the literary pen in him...

Great Job Matthew!!