Monday, November 19, 2007

Quick update without Pics

Ok so this week has been hectic!!! Below are some posts that I got caught up on. Matt is doing great in school and only has one class left of this course. We had the Immanuel Lutheran Invitational Tournament with Kari this weekend. Matt's boys were in the tournament and they won the first game 62-10!!! It was great! Then the second game went into quadruple overtime!!! Unfortuantely they lost by one point. But they played a great game!

We had our youth meeting yesterday and had four boys come and we did turkey bowling!!! it was fun! I am going to try to put together a video and I will post it.

Sooo our newest update is my sister in law (matt's older sister) may come live with us and try to find a job here in the Springs!!!!! we are soooo excited! Please pray that God continiues to give Nikki direction and job opportunities here in Colorado!

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