Saturday, March 6, 2010

Playing at the park!

Today was actually such a nice day!!!! We went to the park with Kari and Jeff and Camber!! Matt was at LVR all day. Grayson is getting pretty brave going down the slides!!
Avery, Wyatt, and Grayson! - trying to get all three looking at the camera and smiling is impossible!
Mommy and Grayson!!!
Jeff and Camber
Kari and Avery!!!
This picture was right after Grayson and Wyatt bumped heads!

Chics dig scars!!! Grayson seems to get a new bump or bruise everyday!
Cheese Wyatt!!!

Marie was napping!
Hi Avery!!!
Going down the slide!
Hi Wyatt!
Grayson and Wyatt going down the slide!!! Mommy had never seen Grayson slide before - he's getting soo big!!!

Grayson going down BIG SLIDE!!!!

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