Tuesday, March 10, 2009

We got to see Cousin Kaleb and Aunt Andrea!

Andrea and kaleb are in town!! Andrea has a doctor's appointment and ultrasound to find ou what baby #2 is!!! Of course we have to wait because Kyle couldn't come out so the ultrasound technician is instructed to right the sex of the baby on a piece of paper then place in an envelope and seal it...sign the seal.. and then hand it to Andrea. SO when she gets back to tulsa they will open it together and find out what they are having together! I love it!! Grayson and Kaleb playing!

Aunt Andrea and Grayson!

The BOYS!! Kaleb was soo cute putting his arm around Grayson to take a picture! It was adorable... NO he's not pinching him (Grayson looks scared) Grayson was just fussy and we caught a weird face! But they were both looking! Their age gap is getting smaller and smaller in the sense that it won't be long before they can play together!!

Kaleb's cute face!!! He's so animated!!!

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Anonymous said...

the boys are adorable and the video rocks! I got chills! I'm a sponsor, your video inspired me to write a quick note to my child Marco Conqui. Thanks