Monday, March 30, 2009

Erinn and Dustin's Wedding Weekend!

We went to Portland, OR to go to my long time friend, Erinn's wedding! I took these pics from Lizzies facebook... i didn't get to take a ton of pics becuase i was behind the video camera :)
Our little family!!!
Matt and I sang in the wedding and i did decorations and wedding photos!
Girls table!

Becca, Lizzie, and Kari

Grayson is such a ladies man!!! :)

Kari, Erinn, Becca, and Lizze - college roomies!!! It looks like they had alot of fun in college!!!

My Boys all dressed up!! I am lucky!!!

Grayson matched the wedding colors perfectly!!! what a cute little man!
Grayson liked Lizzies purse!!

The girls!!! LOOK at Kari's little prego belly!!! and Cute haircut!!!

Bachlorette dinner!

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