Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Papi in route!!!


Dad almost went bust!!! Grayson and I dropped off my dad at the airport to go to France this morning for his 11:00 flight... he called as we were half way home... delayed until 2... then delayed again til 3.. he finally got on the flight. THEN I get a text.... 30 mins to get to my flight to Paris!! NOT GOOD... he didn't think he was going to make it but thankfully I think he got on a different flight to Paris.. I'm not quite sure since he was just texting me.

SO pray for Papi!!! he still has to get to Paris and then (after his first culture shock) find hsi flight to Marseille!!! Also pray that his luggage arrives too! but I do think it would be funny for dad to have to go out and buy a beret and a scarf to replace his american clothes!

Dad's last text to me before boarding the flight to paris : "Clark Griswald is starting his European Vacation!"


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