Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sleepy boy!

Here's a pic of Grayson after his bath last night... he was soo tired and not feeling great... still has a bad cough :( But this pic shows his sweet cheeks :) and tired little eyes!

Just a short update on life : we have a working kitchen now... i don't think i've blogged about our kitchen but we got a new dishwasher and installed it and it was faulty and flooded our kitchen! we have been without a kitchen for over a month! But dad and matt put in the new wood floors and kari help me organize the kitchen and i now feel like I can live in my house!!

Matt is doing great at his new job! he loves it! we are still praying that a permanent position will open up for him to apply for! we would love to stay with this company.

I'm busy busy busy.... with working, being a mommy on my own (gigi is in France and Matt is now working), and editing LOTS of videos!! Crazy!

Anyways, our little boy is doing soo much every day! He now claps his hands and rolls over and over to get where he wants to be :) I'm going to try to catch him doing it on video and post it :)

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