Tuesday, March 31, 2009

More wedding Pics... I'm snagging from others :)

Sara put some pics of the wedding weekend on facebook so I snagged some of her's too! I still need to upload Kari and my before and after pics of the wedding... we did all the decorating for Erinn! She loved what we did :)

Here's a pic of Sara (sis of bride) Erinn and Dustin (newlyweds ) at rehearsal dinner!

BFF wedding planners!
Uncle Josh babysat while Kari and I worked on wedding stuff! He did such a great job!! THANKS JOSH!

OH!! First dirty diaper change!! Josh is getting all the practice he can before his little one arrives in August! - They find out on Good Friday is Grayson is getting a BFF or a girlfriend!!! :)

Here's the group working on the very sensitive boutnieres and corsages!!! the heads of the roses kept snapping off!! its was a little stressful but we made plenty and they looked great!

Here's Sara with Grayson at Michael craft store.. shopping for wedding supplies!!! He's like... why am i being dragged aroung this whole week??? - Grayson was such a good baby for the whole week and wedding! being on a plane, jumping in and out of the car, sleeping in a playpen, being off scedule some days! He was a real trooper!!! I love him soo much!

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