Monday, May 18, 2009

Kingdom Dog Weekend

Like I said last post Hank Hough and his Kingdom Dogs were in town for their first Colorado tour! :) My dad has been apart of the ministry from day one and because I was in college when it frist started I had never seen a presentation... this week was amazing! TO see Hank and his demonstration of Freedom in Obedience and our relationship with our Master Jesus Christ was AMAZING!

Like I said last post too... Tim from Image Factory Photography took some great pictures for Hank and KDM to use in his new promo video that I'm working on and to use on his website.

This picture is amazing and completely conveys the obience of a dog to his master! I love the peacefulness that it conveys... just like the peace you have when you are obedient and serve your Master! Just Beautiful!
Gotta love the mountains in the background!!!

Hank with his dogs!

The boys! Prophet, Monk, and Bandera! (Matt's favorite was Bandera! Grayson likes Monk! )

The power is not if you CAN get the bumper... its if you can say no, only then will your MASTER let you live life abundantly!!!
TIM - These are awesome!!! SO GREAT! I'm IFP's biggest fan! :)
For more information on Kingdom Dog Ministries - - If you are in Texas you need to see this!!! Hank is at several churches a month... also you can book him for your next event as a guest speaker (men's event, school, etc...)
EVERYONE NEEDS TO HEAR THIS MESSAGE!!! God's truth lived out through dogs! (and I'm not a dog person)

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