Thursday, May 7, 2009


Kaleb and Andrea are in town! So it's been so much fun watching Grayson and Kaleb play! Now that Grayson is crawling and more interactive with Kaleb its so much fun to see them together.
Here's Kaleb giving Grayson a kiss!!! Ahhh! How sweet!
Kaleb giving Grayson his pacifer!

Not sure what they are doing but its cute!!! They like to pull each others hair! - Such boys!

Kaleb in his little car!

Grayson is the car for the first time! It was funny becuase he stood up and started pushing it backwards while he was sliding out!!! he was having fun til he slid too much! :) This picture is great though!!!

So Cute!! love those eyes!

Kaleb with a mouth full of Bananas!!

Kaleb giving Grayson a taste of his banana!! Good sharing!

Look Grayson is starting to pull up on things!!!

Sweet little boy!!!
Kaleb is trying to sit on Grayson!!! He was sitting right in front of him!

Gigi with her boys!!! ( one more on the way)

I have a few videos that I will upload later :)

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erika said...

Your mom still looks the exact same- She is a beautiful grandmother! And Kaleb looks so much like your brother! It's great to see Grayson having such a good time with his older cousin!