Monday, May 23, 2011


OK OK OK ... I KNOW that I have been a horrible blogger in the last 6 months!!!! Things have been crazy and honestly I haven't been great about keeping my phone on me... BUT here I am blogging and going to try to get you caught up on our crazy joyful lives!!! YEP we have alot to be joyful for... the NUMBER ON E THING... drum roll please... 


Yep I found out in Georgia that I'm pregnant and We will be expecting in early November!
We told Matt over Skype!!! We was too excited!!!!

Telling Dad - he was visiting Uncle Robert - Oxana and Dana were hearing the news too!

Happy KADEN!!! He's going to have another cousin!!!!
Now - writing this post I'm 16 weeks along :) so everyones that we are expecting but I thought It would be fun to post anyways :) 

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