Friday, March 25, 2011

Why are we sooo happy????

 Grayson's HAPPY!!!

Cue Music and Start dancing!!!! (Dora Theme song playing in background...we did it!)

The song we are singing in our household - HE DID IT!!!!! That's right! Matt has turned in his last assignment for school and will be graduating June 18th!
I'm so incredibly proud of Matthew! He will graduate from University of Phoenix with a Bachelor's in Business with emphasis on Business Management. This has been a long journey for Matt to finish out his degree and to still finish while working a full time job and providing for his family is such an accomplishment! I love that he has paved the road for Grayson to show him that hard work and determination pays off! Grayson and Mommy are so proud of him! I can't wait to post pics of Matt's graduation day!  

I love you Matt and thank you for working so hard for your family! What a great example you are to your son of what a Godly father, husband, and man should look like! Love you!


Trina said...

That is sooooooooooo awesome! Congrats to you all as I am sure it was a huge family commitment! Congrats! We are so proud of you!!!
The Willeford Gang

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