Sunday, May 29, 2011

Memorial Weekend in Vail/Avon

We came up to Avon for Memorial Day... which we are now officially calling the "family honeymoon" :) Mom and I needed a break and weekend to relax and get away after the wedding :) Here are some pictures so far!

Gigi and Grayson!

At the Blues and BarBque festival in Beaver creek!

Thats a smoker Papi and matt were eying all day!

Grayson's first SNO CONE!!!! Yes they had an  amazing sno-cone place!! this prego mama was very happy! considering thats all i crave in the summers while prego and colorado springs never has them!!

awww...they match!!!

Playing at the park!

SO you know how everyone is supposed to have a twin in the world??? We found Josh keithleys!!!!! We were like what is Josh doing in Avon???? See picture above and below. I didn't get a straight shot - didn't want  to make "josh" think i was a complete creeper!

We tried going on a paddle boat ride...

Didn't last too long!

What a cute couple - still in love!!!!

Papi is goofy!!!

Grayson went on a jeep ride today with the boys!!!

Ready to go with his sunglasses!!!

Mom and I went shopping in vail! :)

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The Hill's said...

It looked like you guys had a blast! The scenery is beautiful.