Monday, April 21, 2008

Workin' on Grayson's Room ALREADY!

This weekend Katelin came down from Greeley to help me with my first project for the baby's room! When Kari and I were shopping at Potterybarn Kids the other day we came across this art work that we loved!

The only problem was it's the wrong color scheme for Grayson's room... soooo Kari looked at it closely and convince me that we could make it on our own! Sooo I enlisted my sister's help! She's an art major at Northern Colorado and is AMAZING at all our her art projects.

Mom, Katelin and I went to Hobby Lobby picked out fabric that matched the bedding I want and went to work Friday night! With all three of us working together Katelin and I put the finishing touches on that night and we now have a wonderful MASTERPIECE to hang on the back wall of the nursery! See Below!

It's on the kitchen table in this pic but you can get the idea! I love it and it looks sooo good with the colors of the room! This got me really excited to start clearing out the office and start turning it into the baby's room! We are hoping to start not this weekend but next weekend!!!

Thanks Mom and Katelin for helping me!!!!

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