Monday, April 14, 2008


I'm officially 20 weeks! Crazy to think we are half way there! I'm feeling pretty good and I love knowing that I'm going to have a little boy! Yes, at first I was shocked...maybe a little disappointed but after letting it sink in and giving up dreams of buying everything pink and a new dress each Christmas, I am EMBRACING this little boy that is growing inside of me and becoming extremely exciting!! It's still weird to refer to Grayson by names since for the last 19 weeks we have affectionately called it "it"! I have had a blast SHOPPING!!! Maybe a little too much fun! I feel like his closet is full!! Grayson is going to be one spoiled little boy... but I wouldn't have it any other way!

We have had fun registering at Babies-r-us!! Matt and I picked out all of our big stuff and the bedding and theme of the room and then Mom and I went and got all the little stuff today! I will probably still make some changes and additions to the registry but its good for now!

The first weekend in May we are planning on starting to clear out the office and make room for BABY!! I can't wait to start the nursery! Katelin is already working on projects for the room to make it look fantastic!

That's about it for now... our next appointment is the 22nd. I will keep you updated!!

Oh yeah the pics above show what the baby is supposed to look like and that its about the length of a banana... I'm thinking by next month I will really start to show more as Grayson gets bigger!

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