Sunday, September 14, 2008

Our visit to Lil' Biggs

SO we took Josiah and Selah to this Lil' Biggs place (kinda like a chuckie cheese but for younger kids) They had a blast!!!!
This is Selah with her "brother" :)
Wes and Josiah playing games
Here we are taking in everything we have to look forward to in a couple years!!
Matt is modeling the SNugli we got! Grayson liked it and slept!
Brandy and Selah playing dress up!
Pretty Princess and Dr. Selah!!

Here's a video kinda showing you how crazy it was at this place with kids everywhere!!! As you can see Selah had a blast!!! But she was everywhere! Brandy and I got our workout keeping up with her! :)

We had a great time this week with Wes, Brandy and the kids! They loved seeing Grayson! Brandy was a great Aunt and sis-in-law and prepared meals and froze them for me! We miss them already and can't wait for Grayson to be old enough to PLAY with his cousins!!!

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