Friday, September 26, 2008

Grayson is 6 weeks!!!

Grayson is 6 weeks old today!!! AND for his 6 week birthday my best friend Judith had her baby!!! Jace Samuel Weller was born this morning at 1:45 ish!!! I can't wait till Grayson and Jace can play!!! Of course we have to wait for Judith and Sam and the girls and Jace to move back to the mainland from Hawaii! I can't wait till August 2009!! I love you Jace and Can't wait to meet you!!! Here's Grayson in his BUBMO chair for the first time!!! He was trying to figure out if he liked it... I think he does :) Kari and I put him in it and then have him watch us make dinner :) He's getting sooo big!! He's barely starting to smile now... I'm hoping to catch a little grin on camera soon!

Look at that face!!! His looks are changing so much!! He's got a little double-chin which is soo cute to me :) and look at those lips!!!

Here are some videos of Grayson sitting in his Bumbo chair... He still can't do alot of tricks yet :) So sitting is pretty entertaining to us!

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