Tuesday, September 23, 2008

9lbs 6oz!!!! BIG BOY!!!

So yesterday I had to take Grayson to the doctor becuase he's showing signs of having reflux...spitting up, arching the back, and GRUNTING all the time!!! Everything is good and he is growing like a weed :) He weighed in at 9 lbs 6 oz!!! The doc gave us some medicine to help with reflux and hopefully Grayson will be feeling better in the tummy in a few days :) Here's a picture of my view of Grayson from the car mirror... he LOVES his car rides and always falls asleep!
Here's Grayson in his cute new romper from Old Navy I found on sale!! SOO CUTE!
Well I'm glad I snapped a picture cuz shortly after Grayson blew out a diaper and it went everywhere!!! Oh the life of a new mom... cleaning up your little one's mess... he got a bath today after that!
Grayson's cute socks that look like little Hi-tops! Maw-maw got them for him!!!
I'm gonna get that paci!!!! Grayson was hungry and attacked his pacifier!! SO cute!!!

Here's a video I tried to get of Grayson grunting!!! Like Isaid he does it all the time!! usually becuase his little tummy doesn't feel good. Poor little guy! I just love him soo much and hate that he is uncomfortable sometimes! He's still just too cute!

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