Friday, September 19, 2008

Playing with Cousin Kaleb

Kaleb has been trying to play with Grayson all week!!! It's been so much fun having Kyle and Andrea in town! It's cute becuase we are trying to teach Kaleb to be "Nice" and "Gentle" and he's starting to get the concept down!

Here's Kaleb kissing Grayson! Of course he also tried to bite his toes!!! :) Evidently he does that to his mommy and daddy...attack their feet!!
Grayson sported the "Karaoke in My Crib...2AM" shirt!!! Until he spit up on it :) But he's too cute!!!
Yeah for Karaoke!!

Kaleb is playing his the Jeep that Gigi and Papi have for the boys!!!

Aunt Andrea and her boys!! Kaleb gets a little jealous when she holds Grayson and he crawls up into her lap!
Kaleb was being SOOO SWEET to Grayson this night!!!
Give Grayson kisses!!!

Look at that face!!! Yep that's his..."I just tooted!" smile!! I can't wait for him to smile back at me!

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