Thursday, March 20, 2008

Doctor's Appointment


Here's a picture of some random baby at 16 weeks. So this is what our baby looks like I guess :)
Here's a pic that Matt took of me at the maternity store... I guess this is what's to come!! You can put a pillow thing on that adds about 3 months to your pregancy (that way if you buy a shirt you can see if it will last ) It was kinda fun to see how big I might be :)

On Tuesday we had another doctors appointment. My pkan was to bake cookies and try to bribe the doctor to do a sonogram early to find out what the baby is... Mom baked the cookies for me but the family (myself including ) ate them! Oh well I tried :) The appointment went really well. We heard the baby's heartbeat again and schduled the sonogram appointment for APRIL 8th!!! YEAH! I can't wait to find out what the baby is! Matt is of course rooting for a boy and I am hoping for a girl! :)

As of now I'm 16 weeks and and four days along!

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