Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Revelation Youth

It's an exciting time for our church and Matt and I! Revelation is starting a youth group. Matt and I have been waiting for the youth group to start up since we first starting going to church and we have been praying about our role with the youth group. Matt feels called to lead the group (we would lead together) and as of now we are teaming up with another couple to lead until the board meets and calls an official leader. We are excited to be apart of this new ministry and we are excited to help youth in our area and spread the love of Christ to them!

Our first event is an informational meeting and TURKEY BOWLING for Nov. 18th at our house. we are excited to get input from the youth and start shaping this ministry.

Please pray for Matt and I to hear the clear voice of God in our role and place in this ministry no matter what the board decides for leadership. Pray for the youth that have been regularly attending church that they feel welcome and excited about the youth group. Please pray for more youth to come to church and get plugged in.

As of now the youth group is going to be called YOUTH XB13 ( a generic test name) until our church wide naming contests and input from the youth!


Matt and Kristen

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Trina said...

HI!!! Wow! This is awesome! I will be praying for you as you guys lead. What does the BX13 or whatever the letters were, stand for? Just curious. Looking forward to Fri. And by the way I had a blog before kids, so on the top part of your blog, you don't have to have kids to have a blog. :))) wink, wink!