Saturday, November 1, 2008


Last night we hosted a WINE and MURDER MYSTERY PARTY!!! It was a blast!!! Everyone was given a character before they showed up with a suggestion for a costume! Then when they showed up we gave them a character booklet with information of how they are involved with the murder investigation! It was fun becuase everyone stayed in character and jumped right in! We also invited Emily and Nate (Emily works at Kari's school) and Samantha and Matt (they go to FOC with us!) It was fun to get to know them more!!
Emily and Kari!!! PPC teachers!
Me and Matt ... I mean Bonny Lass and Ralph Rottingrape!

Matt and Samatha... I mean Papa Vito and Hedy (we called her Heidi) Shablee

Marc showed up to say hello!!! He watched Grayson for a while... Grayson was attacked by Marilyn Merlot's love and kisses!

Heidi Shablee being questioned... " And what was your realtionship with Otto?"

Josh was Bud Wizer... FBI agent assigned to the case!
OH LOOK WHO IT IS!!!! It's Marilyn Merlot!!! Big time movie actress!!!

Papa Vito looks pretty suspicoius to me... I wonder if he will read the DO NOT REVEAL section and REVEAL that he was the murderer!!!

Heidi and Papa Vito!

Emily ( Tiny Bubbles ) and Nate ( Otto Von Schnapps)

Questioning eachother...

It's a CLUE!!!

Marilyn Merlot gave Grayson so major kisses!!!! What a ladies man!!!

Me and Matt - Bonny Lass ( mystery novelist from Scottland) and Ralph Rottingrape - bad boy who is the manager of the winery!

Marilyn and Bud Wizer!!!
In Character!!!

Here's our cute little man!!! The only thing he's guilty of is being the cutest most loveable baby ever!!!

Look who's setting the ambiance!!!

FUN DECORATTIONS!!!! Underwood winery (Keithley's home) looked amazing!

It was a great night!!! Very fun halloween! Thanks mom for the Wine and Murder Mysterty game!! It was a great christmas present and was a hit!!!

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