Tuesday, July 6, 2010

4th of July Parade!!

Saturday morning we went to Monument 4th of July parade and street fair!! It's become a family tradition to go to the parade and watch fireworks at Palmer Lake! Picture of street fair!
We always decorate Grayson's stroller for the parade!!!

Kaleb giving Kaden a kiss!

Kaden fell asleep on Gigi's lap... gigi is making a funny face! not know i was taking a pic!

Grayson and his Auntie Andie!

Daddy and Grayson watching the parade!

What a sweet face!

Hapy Kaden!

Grayson and Kaleb in their cute little chairs!

Grayson and Kaden ready to watch the parade!

We were set up under the tarp that Dad had brought! It was great to be under the shade!

Kyle and Kaden!

Grayson waiting for the parade to start! What a funny face!!!


Kyle and Andrea

Great Grandpa, Kyle and Kaleb - ready for the parade!

Grayson and Papi!

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Carroll said...

Hi Kristen! I found your blog through some other Baylor blogs. Grayson is ADORABLE!! Hope y'all are doing well! :)