Sunday, May 4, 2008

Nursery DAY!!!!

Here's Grayson's Nursery so far!!! We got the crib up and hung up Katelin's tree it looks amazing!

Matt posing with the competed crib!

We still can't believe we are having a baby and this crib is in our house!

Matt did a great job putting up the crib!!! It didn't take very long at all...thanks Josh and Kari and Mom and Dad for helping out! It's so much fun to go into Grayson's room and just imagine in 4 months a little baby will be hopefully sleeping in there... yes hopefully more sleeping than crying :) This weekend was fun! We still have to get blinds and fix the curtains and figure out what to do with all the stuff that was in the office but its coming along!!!

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BMW1127 said...

Just figured out the comments section. I'll be leaving more now that I know. Miss you all.
John, Carol, Jay, Megan, Brock and Amy.