Thursday, May 8, 2008

You can't hav-a the MANGO!!!

That's right...Grayson is now the size of a MANGO!!! You know I'm not sure I could have picked a mango out in a fruit line up... I thought it was orange like a mango starburst or mango orange drink that Kari orders at paneras! It's not orange at all! :)

Anyways, this past Monday marked 23 weeks for me! I'm still feeling pretty good... just tired! I'm still amazed that by next week if I had to, I could have this baby and he would have a chance of surviving! Don't worry I'm not planning on having him next week I would like for him to cook for the next 4 months! BUT... its crazy to hear about stories of babies surviving at 24 weeks! I have been talking to Deb alot lately (she's a neo-natal nurse).

Other than being completely amazed at this thing called pregnancy...I'm doing great! Please continue to pray for our little Mango!!! Lord, please protect Grayson and keep him healthy and please help me keep on track to stay healthy too!

Oh Yeah.... Matt is getting really excited about the baby...we are hoping by the end of the month he will feel Grayson kick. Everytime Grayson is moving a bunch i call Matt over and put his hands on my belly and Grayson immediately falls asleep! Be patient honey! He will kick for you!

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Trina said...

Hi friend! I am so glad you are enjoying this precious time in your life! It is a miraculous amazing journey!! Did you know mangoes are sort of orange on the inside? They are delicious and Grayson can have one when he is 8 months old( accordring to a book I am reading.) :)) Hope to see you soon!