Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmas at the Robinson's

Tonight we celebrated Christmas early with my grandparents and Uncle Eddie! My parents and Katelin were still in town so everyone was ALMOST there we were missing an important three :)

We opened presents with a little sneaky pete :) and talked about our first christmas memory! It was fun to hear Grandma and Grandpa's first memories of huge meals and first train sets and wagons. I have ALOT of favorite memories so it was hard to choose a favorite!

Then the Teske family (Marcus, Jamie, and Kaylee) came over for dinner. Grandma made a great pork loin and yummy mashed potatoes! After we stuffed ourselves we played Jamie and My favorite all time game that we would play all the time Srcutineyes with Matt, Marcus, Katelin, and Jamie. I won! Yes! I still got it!

It was sweet to see Kaylee and how big she has gotten! She loves to dance!

Over all it was a great night!!! Merry Christmas!

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