Saturday, December 22, 2007

Christmas Youth Event!

Sunday night was our second youth event!

The December XB13 event was a huge success!! The youth were challenged to raise money throughout the month to contribute to the gifts the group was buying for three boys (ages 12, 6, 3). Four of the guys came and they brought $96 between the four of them and all of them had done some sort of chore to raise the money!! One young man raised $40 on his own and seemed to really find joy in giving it to a family in need – now that’s Christ at work in his life! Besides purchasing the presents and food as a group, they also wrapped all the presents as a group; and then they had a great teaching lesson on servant hood – something they had just physically done – and letting Christ be the master of their lives and not worldly things.

We are still in the process of naming our youth group (XB13 is the test name) :) So if you have any suggestions I'm all ears!!!

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