Thursday, January 24, 2008

Doctor's Appointment Sucessful! :)

So we had our first doctor's appointment yesterday! It was exciting... I walked away with the offical stamp of pregnancy from a real doctor!!! I wasn't halucinating when I saw two lines on the prego stick a month ago!
I am going to the same Doctor as Andrea (who delivered Kaleb)... she's really nice and Matt and I really like her! The doctor said everything looks good and my offical due date is Sept. 2nd... so I was a day off in my calculations :) So I'm 8 weeks and 3 days along today and next appointment (Feb. 19th) we will hear the heartbeat. I will be 12 weeks at that point. I did get good news that I can get my hair re-highlighted and take warms baths :)
Above is a pic of the new hosptial they are building just 2 mins. away from our house! It opens 08/08/08 - August 8th so I will be able to have my baby in the new hospital which I am sooo excited about! Not only am I excited about the new hospital but I'm thrilled that Deb will hopefully be my neo-natal nurse when the baby is born... she was there when Kaleb was born and I have told her to not go anywhere for LABOR DAY weekend... she's on call :) Thanks DEB!
Well that's about it! Everything is going well so far! Please continue to pray for a healthy baby and healthy pregnancy!

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Anonymous said...

...unless my sister is playing volleyball in hawaii that weekend! me, mom and dad have talked about going to hawaii and watching her!

at any rate, so glad everything is going so well mrs. mommy!