Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Update on my new "Delicate Condition" :)

So Here's a quick update on how the pregnancy is going so far.... yesterday marked 7 weeks by my calculations! It's crazy! Next tuesday we go to the doctor to get official word from the doctor that YES we are expecting a baby! I think that will make it feel real!

So far I feel pretty good still. Today I felt really sick this morning but it passed thankfully. I have had some funny food stuff though... i have been eating breakfast every morning which is new to me and usually i fix a bagel with butter or creamcheese...well i was eating that in the car the other day on my way to work and all the sudden decided that i never want to eat bagels and creamcheese again! So that was weird.

We went to P. F. Changs for Josh's birthday and I tasted all the chicken and pork on the table as well as a spring roll and lettuce wrap... it was all really good!!!

I am really tired lately... like exhausted! But Good! Today mom and I went to the Maternity store and i tried on the fake bump they have to see what i'm getting into :) It was fun! I forgot my camera so i dont have a funny picture.

Cindy has already offered to throw me a shower in Houston!!! I'm soooo excited! It will be after April cuz that's the month that we find out what the baby is..... boy or girl.

Anyways, please continue to pray for a healty pregnancy and healthy BABY!!!!


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Anonymous said...

I love to read the new updates...I kept checking back after you posted the original one but hadn't seen anything yet! Congrats on trying new foods....I knew you'd come around someday! Miss and love you guys!