Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Our Little Baby's HeartBeat!

Being Goofy at the Doctors office!!! - Me scared of stirups!!!! HAHA
Matt just scared in general! HAHAHAHAHAHA

Here is a video of us hearing the heartbeat for the first time ever!!!! The angle is not the most flattering! But you get the idea :) At first its hard to hear the heartbeat but after Matt turns the camera to his face and says"That's my baby!" he turns it back to the speaker and you can faintly hear the heartbeat... its beating really fast! The doctor said it was perfect and no it wasn't something I ate that is making me sick!

Yes it's true I can no longer say that I haven't gotten sick yet! Monday was the first time I got sick and this morning was not a good morning at all... I couldn't even go to Chapel fearing that I would get sick in the edit room :(

But the doctor said everything looks good and we go back in a month! Its getting closer to when we get to figure out what we are having!!!

Let me just say hearing a heartbeat makes it feel more real and we still can't believe we are having a BABY!!!! AHHHHH!!!! CRAZY!!!!

I will keep you updated more.... Love ya!

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