Monday, February 18, 2008

UPDATE...Yes i still Update this thing :)

Hello Hello!!! Sorry it has been a while since I have updated the blog... it has been pretty busy and I can't find my battery charger for my camera to take more pics and post them... which brings me to let you know whats going on with the pregnancy...

Well, I'm at 12 weeks today and I'm officially losing my mind :) I can't find anything or remember what I did two seconds ago (hence can't find the battery charger...and I have two of them) :) Above you see an ultrasound pic of NOT my baby but of a baby that is 12 weeks along :)

I still pretty good for the most part. Yesterday I stayed in bed all day because I think I over did it on Sat. doing a 5 hour shoot. But still feel good :)

TOMORROW - we go to the doctor's again!!! I'm sooo excited because we should here the babies heartbeat!!!! YEAH! Please pray that the doctor finds the heartbeat quickly and doesn't send me into a crazy panic attack if it takes a couple minutes :) I am going to search my WHOLE house for the battery charger so I can take a video and get the audio on the blog of the heartbeat :)

It has been fun recently becuase a TON of my friends are also finding out they are pregnant.... mainly one surprise has me thrilled! Judith my best friend who lives in Hawaii right now is pregnant with her third!!! She's due Sept. 16th or 18th I think (just two weeks behind me) :)

Anyways, Everything else is going great! We started the Truth Project with our church and youth group and that's going great! Matt is doing an amazing job answering and guiding the youth with some tough questions! I'm extremely proud of him!!!

Ok well that's about it for now... when I find my battery I will do some more updates and def. let you konw how the doc's appoint goes tomorrow!

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