Friday, June 6, 2008

Camping Pics!

Me and Matthew in the Pop up!
Matt and Josh with their new pipes! HOW COOL!

Dad and Matt Goofing off!

Dad throwing for Ladder Ball - Impressing his LADY

Marc and Kari enjoying the campfire... well somehow the smoke always followed me or Marc... After the first night its more frustrating than anything!

Mom and Dad the first day excited to camp in their NEW Pop-Up... My's quote of the weekend..."This is my kinda camping! (with a Pina colada in Hand)

Josh wanting to Play!

Josh starting a fire on his own... the fire starter won. But it was good entertainment!

Kari with her Pina Colada! Very Happy!

Here are some pics of us camping over the Memorial Day Weekend! We went camping in the POP UP camper for the first time with Mom and Dad and Josh and Kari and Marc (for a night) slept in their tent! We went into town to shop and go to the art fair, Matt and Dad went fly fishing Sunday morning, but their MOST FAVORITE GAME - LADDERBALL! Dad showed us how to impress "My Lady" and Kari Keithley was on her game! Matt and Josh beat Dad and Kari in the whole grand scheme of things but in the long run the pipe beat JOSH! :) OH and it did SNOW a little bit!!! It was crazy!

We had a really good time! I was proud of myself, camping at 6 months prego! Of course I was in the pop up off the ground with a heater, electricity and bathrooms equipped with showers just a few steps away! VERY PROUD INDEED!

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Amanda said...

No, still don't know what that flower is. I'll have to look it up in a perennial book. That's a cute picture of you and matt in the pop up. Looks like you all had lots of fun! :)