Monday, June 9, 2008

Kristen the Handy WOMAN!

So tonight I think I have experienced my first step to nesting! Tonight I flushed our water heater all by myself while Matt is working!!!! Our hot water has been running brown and we decided we needed to get a plumber out and check it out before we take a weekend get-a-way for our upcoming 5th year anniversary just in case we had to replace the waterheater with our get-a-way money :) ! So the plumber came out and went over with me how to step by step flush the water heater... he said he could do it for me but I would just be spending money for him to do it when I was capable. So after going up and down and up and down...and up and down our two flights of stairs (upstairs and basement) I sucessfully flushed the water heater and re-lit the pilot light and got it buring again. I never knew until now that there is an actual burner that burns constantly to heat the water... just thought it magically heated it...kinda like a microwave :)
SO... now I'm done flushing its 9:00 o'clock at night and I have to CLEAN the bathtubs where the brown water left a fun mess! I'm exhausted but I'm determined to take a nice hot CLEAN CLEAR bubble bath tonight to relax!!
I told Matt and my mom I feel Manly!!!


Trina said...

You go girl!!!! Way to go!!! I don't know how to do any of that! I am impressed!

Anonymous said...

This is your sister in law(Brandy)- congrats on your manliness, but I would make Matt clean the tub!