Tuesday, June 3, 2008


SO Matt felt GRAYSON kick the other night!!! It was so much fun and I think it makes it more real for Matt!! I was really excited that Grayson decided to get over his "stage fright" and show Daddy his strong kicks!

Last week I took my Health and Life insurance test to get licensed for my parents business and I passed my test the first time on all four parts!!! I was so excited I went to my parents hour and literally slept from 10:30am to 4:00pm... I was so physically and mentally drained I couldn't get up!! I love my job! Where else can you work and decide to the sleep all day at the "office" :) I'm just so thankful that God helped me through and got me through the test on only 4 hours of sleep from the night before!

Memorial Day we went camping in Estes Park and I am going to post some pics soon...

Matt is still working the night shift at his job which we are still blessed to have with benefits... in the mornings he is now coming to work with me and trying to learn the international insurance business from my dad and get some groups in the door to sign up under his agent number and get us some commission checks to pay for diapers! :) He's doing great and he likes chatting with Mission Administrators from around the US about their upcoming mission trips and outreach. If you have a mission trip coming up and need insurance give us a call!!! www.misiontripinsurance.com
OK I'm done with my shameless plug :)

Lastly, we booked our tickets to Houston for our baby shower that Matt's parents are throwing us! We are sooo excited to see friends from high school, college, and family!!!! Cindy has gone all out from what I hear and can't wait to see what they have in store for us!!! I'm so thankful for great in-laws! And can't wait to make them grandparents again :) This will be their third!!!

That's about it for now!!! I will try to post pics from camping... maybe if I get the courage i will post a prego pic... will see :)

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Fawn Glasser said...

Got your shower invite i the mail today!! Mom and I will be there!! I cant wait to go shoping for ya!!! Mom and I are going this weekend... See ya in 3 weeks!!! Its been way to long!