Monday, July 7, 2008

Grayon's 3D pics!

Here are some pics from Grayson's 3-D ultrasound we had done almost a month ago! We didn't post anything cuz we wanted to show Matt's family in person these fun pics! They didn't come out as clear as I would have liked but I still think its fun to get a little glimpse of what our little man is going to look like!

Pic 1 - This is a profile shot (3D) I like it cuz you can see his little cheeks! You mainly see the side of his face and forehead.

Pic 2 - This is a front shot of his little face! You can see a hand on the right-hand side near his face... a little fist. He had his hands AND feet in his face the whole time! You can see his cute little nose too!

Pic 3 - Another front face shot... you see that cute nose again and his little lips!

Pic 4 - I like this pic alot! You can see his left side of his face and his forehead and his chin! He's got daddy's chin!!! Again you can see his little cheeks and he's got his hands up by his face.

Pic 5 - this is a profile shot 2-D I like seeing his profile of his nose and lips! You can see his heart and his big ol belly!!! When the sonogram was going at this shot he was moving his mouth like he was practicing eating!! SO CUTE! I'm in love!!!
That's our little man!! I was 29 weeks when we had these taken... now I'm at 32 so I'm sure he's grown!!! We can't wait to see him!!!

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