Saturday, July 12, 2008

Portland Farmers Market!

This morning we went to the Portland's Farmer's market!!! Kari and I were so excited to go to an actual market!! We thought we would be like "You've got Mail!" when they go to the market everyday and get fresh flowers and stuff.... It was alot of fun!!!! Erinn, Dustin, and Kari tasting some beer and showing off our free beer bags that have become our purses for the weekend!!!
Kari so gracefully spitting out the pit of a cherry!!

I thought this sign was funny and pretty much summed up the theme of the market!!!
This is Kari hesitating before she tastes Dustin's coffee... When in Stump City, do what the Oregonians do!
Here's Kari picking cherries as her first purchase of the Market... We were Market Virgins!! that's at least what she told the guy selling us the cherries!!!
Here's two pics of me trying my FIRST CHERRY EVER!!! YEP! I have never tried a cherry! I tried a little bit then ate a whole one! I was a little nervous about the seed and what I was supposed to do with it but I survived and actually enjoyed the cherry!!!

Ok SO this picture above has a story... SO we saw that strawberry and it had a whole where you put your face in it... I was like Erinn take a picture of us in the strawberry...the problem was there were 3 five year olds in front of us and taking Erinn said Let's GO and we were bummed that we couldn't take the pic...see Kari's pouty lip!!!

So you will see there is a guy dressed as a pirate roaming around the market!! Not trying to sell anything at all just roaming around..picking out food to bring back to the ship! So we posed with him behind us and gave our best ARRRGH and hook!!!
Behind Kari is a protest line...well I guess that weren't protesting but they were PROMOTING to STAND up for something... they chose RECYCLING... I thought it was interesting that most of them looked embarrassed or awkward to be there... Kari was a little confused as she threw her bio-degradable paper in the trash instead of the appropriate recycling bin!

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