Friday, July 11, 2008


Today we met Dustin for lunch at the Nike Campus! It was fun to see the "playground" he "works" at! :) Unfortuantely he had to leave us a little early for a meeting that involved frisbee golf!
Here's us running... cuz that's what you have to do at Nike! of course we will have flip-flops on!
Soo... we went to eat at the Mia Hamm buliding... she's the girl soccer player that ripped her shirt off when she won the world cup or olympics or some intermural soccer game...well after ripping her shirt off she became famous and Nike named the cafeteria after her :) Kari got it in her head that she too could have a building named after her at the Nike campus if she ripped her shirt off... or at least a shoe designed after her!
Here's the cute couple!!!!
AWWW MAN... they didn't give me a building!!! Oh well!

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Deb Keithley said...

well I don't know if anyone else will be commenting on your crazy trip but I am having a blast living through your travels! Keep on hVING FUN, YOU ALL LOOK GREAT! lOVE MOMk