Sunday, October 5, 2008


This weekend we took Grayson to his FIRST FOOTBALL GAME! Air Force was playing Navy and Charlie (the Air Force Cadet that my parents sponsor) got us tickets! We went with Josh and Kari of course!!! Kari was great to help me not only with Grayson but she helped me figure out if a play was good or not in this game called football :) Me, Grayson, and Kari! Kari and I were wearing rally beads!!!
Grayson slept through most of the game! All bundled up because it was cold!
Here's a picture a little out of order...this is Grayson AFTER the game... soundly asleep!! He was pooped!!!
Sporting his new Air Force onsie for the game!!
"OH MAN! WE LOST!!! So sad!!!"
So where did you take me??

Say Hello Kari!!!
Daddy was in charge of keeping the pacifer in a safe spot!
Flying over the stadium!! Unfortunately due to the wind there were no parachuters :(
Here is us with Charlie!! Our great Air Force Cadet!!!

This is Grayson in his snuggli...waiting for the major LOUD fly over! Don't worry I plugged his ears!!
We had a great day!!! Grayson was great!

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