Saturday, October 18, 2008

Our Little MONKEY!!!!

Today was Family of Christ's Fall festival and TRUNK or TREAT! Pretty much people decorate their trunks and the kids walk from trunk to trunk in the parking lot and get candy! Grayson got to wear his monkey costume!!! he's sooo cute! Look at that little lip!
Grayson pretty much slept the whole time in the trunk :) People didn't realize he was a baby till he moved! It was funny! They thought he was too cute!!!

Look at his little monkey belly!!! I love this costume!

Here's a picture of the trunk!! Grayson was in the middle in his bouncy chair! He was in a Jungle!
Matt and Katelin!
Katelin and Grayson!
Josh was GI JOE!
Matt and I tried to dress like Jungle people in our leopard print togas! People thought we were pebbles and bambam or cavemen but we were trying to go for Tarzan and Jane... oh well we still had fun!!!

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