Monday, October 13, 2008

More Faces of Grayson!!

Look at those chubby Cheeks!!!
Big Blue Eyes!!
What is that weird thing at your face all the time mom?? It makes flashes in my face!
A good Smile!!!

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DeGroot Duo said...

He is getting SO BIG!'s crazy how fast they grow, huh? i think he is starting to look more and more like matt. you think so? can't wait to see him again at Christmas time...pray that we get to come back. our holiday time off this year is different than i expected so we're going to have to figure some things out. love and miss you guys. i am praying for you both, but especially matt, during this time without a job. God is good and it will all work out! I've had some bumps in the road this last week (have to move again suddenly, bladder infection, and some others) and I just keep telling myself it will all work out. It certainly will for you too.